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Welcome to LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o.
Our specialization is high performance lubricants

LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o. has been developing, manufacturing and selling high-performance lubricants and additives since 2000. We currently offer our customers more than 300 different standard and special lubricants, including specially developed custom products.

Our development solutions in the areas of special lubricants, industrial lubricants and lubricants for metal processing and forming technology are based on the latest knowledge of tribology and the application requirements of our customers.

We also maintain the high quality of our products and services through constant dialogue with the users of our products and our customer orientation. All our customers are supplied with optimally designed industrial lubricants, including the provision of all associated tasks, such as technical advice and quality control of used lubricants from use.

Lubricant management, lubrication and the potential for savings of total application and operating costs represent the further development of our range for our customers and provide a completely new definition of the systematic approach that LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o. is putting into practice.

The LUBEX® product line is developed and manufactured using the latest knowledge in tribology to maximize the requirements of our customers in terms of friction, wear and lubrication, and to support the economic and ecological optimization of the actual processes.


Production is located in Stupava near Bratislava (Slovakia), where very modern, complex and universal technological equipment is installed with a control laboratory.

Our production technologies are based on many years of experience with lubricants and are tested by multinational companies

Lubex oil
Production of turbine and compressors oils


The qualified laboratory technicians at LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o. provide an extensive range of special analyses of universal and special lubricants and also comprehensive laboratory services.
  • Quality control of basic raw materials
  • Final control of own products
  • Analysis of used lubricants from real use
High lubrication performance

Our technologies and procedures

Our specialization is modern technologies

Special lubricants, industrial lubricants, metal working fluids and forming technologies solutions are developed and manufactured by LUBOCONS CHEMICALS based on the latest knowledge of tribology.
Through extensive research and development work, LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o. has developed a high-performance range of environmentally compatible lubricants and additives.
In addition to being ecotoxicologically harmless for water and soil, rapidly biodegradable and saving resources, the environmentally friendly lubricants produced by LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o. also excel in terms of their high lubrication performance.
LUBOCONS CHEMICALS s.r.o. is a leader in the formulation and application technology of the production of all types of rapidly biodegradable lubricants and it is at the forefront of the development of the product range of this series under the designation: LUBEXBIO® and is also implementing a lasting commitment to the environment through its own environmental policy.

Laboratory for the production of lubricants Laboratory for the production of lubricants
In modern facilities near Bratislava (Slovakia)

Production is located in Stupava near Bratislava (Slovakia), where very modern, complex and universal technological equipment is installed with a control laboratory.

Development of new technologies of biodegradable special lubricant Development of new technologies of biodegradable special lubricant
With new technologies

We place great emphasis on developing new technologies, especially in the area of producing biodegradable special lubricants.

Environmentally friendly lubricants Environmentally friendly lubricants
Ecologically and safely

In addition to our activities, we make great efforts to ensure the protection of the environment and also the safety of the work of our employees.

High lubrication performance

Our certificates

Lubocons Chemicals s.r.o. is part of a highly exclusive group of companies in the Slovak Republic which have met the strictest economic evaluation criteria according to the Dun & Bradstreet statistical predictive model. The company’s creditworthiness has the highest AAA rating.

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